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Toilet Training
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Toilet Training

Toilet training in the playgroup session:

Children coming to playgroup are often not yet ready to be toilet trained. In this instance we ask parents to leave their changing equipment in a named bag in the lobby.

We keep a list of children needing changing/checking and do this at regular intervals [or as needed] throughout the day.

Once children start toilet training staff will help children with toileting, washing hands etc. We also encourage children to visit the toilet at regular intervals, so helping children to become familiar with the routine.

We ask parents to leave a named bag in the lobby with spare clothing. We do have some spare clothes at Playgroup if needed. Please avoid dressing children at this time in tights or trousers that are difficult for them to take off quickly.

We ask that parents keep staff informed of their child’s stage of development/progress so we can help to give similar support at playgroup.

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