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Settling in at Playgroup
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Settling in at Playgroup

We want children to feel safe and happy whilst in our care and to recognise the staff as a source of authority, help and friendship. We also want Parents/Carers to feel welcome and involved. In order to do this we:

Give opportunities for the exchange of information, using the prospectus, registration form, ‘All About Me’ booklet, emails, verbal updates and Notes to and from Home. We value Parents information on their child’s stage of development and interests.

Offer to give a home visit in order to – help the child recognise their keyperson when starting at Playgroup, give the parent further opportunity to discuss any issues – in order to ensure the child’s needs are provided for when starting at Playgroup.

By being flexible with admissions, to meet the needs of each child. By introducing new children on a staggered basis, so staff have the opportunity to get to know all new arrivals gradually.

Making it clear that the Parents/Carers are welcome to stay whilst their child settles in.

To reassure parents if their child may need longer to settle in.

To encourage parents, with support, to leave their child for short periods at first – if needed, building up to the whole session.

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