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Complaints Procedure
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Complaints Procedure

We believe that children and their families are entitled to receive courtesy and prompt attention at all times. We encourage contributions from parents when looking at the running of playgroup and take comments seriously. We anticipate that the appropriate member of staff can quickly resolve any concern that may arise, but if this is not the case, we have a procedure for dealing with concerns:

The Manager is the first person responsible in the first instance for dealing with a complaint (or the Chairperson if preferred).

Many concerns can then be resolved quickly by discussion with an approach to the appropriate member of staff.

If a Parent/Carer is still unhappy with any aspect of the Playgroup’s provision then the Manager and Parent will discuss the nature of and how the difficulties may be overcome.

The Manager will then consider the action to be taken in the light of the nature of the complaint and will also keep a record of the details of the complaint. A review will then be scheduled within 14 days.

If this fails to resolve the difficulties, a meeting will be arranged between the Parents, the Manager and the Chairperson. A written record will be kept of this also. If unhappy with the outcome the Parents should contact the Chairperson.

Staff must be kept informed of complaints and have access to the complaint logged. Further a copy of the complaint and the details logged must be made available to the Chairperson as soon as practicable and in any event before the date of the review.

A copy of the complaint record must also be provided to the Parent together with the name, address and telephone number of OFSTED.

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