Topic & Activities at Home
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Long Term topic

We operate a rolling topic that changes slightly each half term details below:

Autumn Term 1st half - AUTUMN/ALL ABOUT ME             Autumn Term 2nd half - AUTUMN/CHRISTMAS

Spring Term 1st half -  WINTER/ANIMALS                         Spring Term 2nd half - SPRING & EASTER/ NEW LIFE/GROWING

Summer Term 1st half - MINI-BEASTS                              Summer Term 2nd half - SUMMER & HOLIDAYS

We have a Nature Table at playgroup and really love it when the children explore the world around them finding seasonaly items to add to the table to share with their peers:

Please feel free to bring in any items that could go on our nature table that is relevant to the current season

For example: Conkers, acorns, seeds, pictures/photos of garden or local woods, to name but a few!

We can't wait to see what you find to bring in and share with us.

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