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Health & Hygiene
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Health & Hygiene

Statement of intent:

We believe that safeguarding the health of children is of paramount importance. We aim to make our setting a safe and healthy environment for all.

Our playgroup offers a high standard of hygiene, which is delivered in the following ways:

All adults are asked to wash their hands before handling food

A notice is up in the kitchen and in the main room.

All kitchen surfaces and tables are cleaned with an anti-bacterial cleaner

Children are encouraged to wipe their noses and dispose of their tissues in a bin, then wash their hands. Staff help children as needed.

Children are asked to wash their hands after visiting the toilet, using the soap dispensers. The staff will help children to use these.

Individual paper towels are used for drying hands and are disposed of in bins – which are emptied daily.

Staff clean the toilets at the end of the session using separate cloths for sinks and toilets.

Hygiene rules regarding bodily fluids are followed with care- staff wear gloves at these times to prevent the spread of infection and dispose of fluids down the toilet, using sanitiser to clean the affected area.

Spare clean clothes are usually available in case of accidents, with bags for wet clothing.

All play equipment is given a thorough annual clean by staff, committee, parents and children. 

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