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It is our intention to make this playgroup accessible to children from the local community.

In order to accomplish this we will:-

  • Regularly ensure that the existence of the playgroup is known in the area;

  • Promote the playgroup as welcoming to families i.e. mothers, fathers, Carers and relatives;

  • Promote our equal opportunities standards;

  • Consult parents regularly to ensure that the playgroup continues to meet the changing needs of the local community;

  • Be as flexible as possible regarding attendance patterns / sessions to ensure we accommodate the needs of individual families;

In the first instance we will admit children in date of birth order;

In the event of over-subscription priority will be given to families within surrounding villages where no other pre-school playgroup provision exists;

Sessions will not be allocated until a fully completed Registration Form is received by playgroup;

The cut off date for receipt of registration forms will be the half term in the term before the child is due to start at playgroup i.e. – if a child is due to start in January, the registration form would be required by the October half term (last day) – early submission does not guarantee a place:

Once written confirmation of sessions has been provided by playgroup, changes will only be accommodated in exceptional circumstances.

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