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Holding Trustees

Great Gransden Pre-school Playgroup has three voluntary holding trustees. The main duty of the holding trustees is to ensure that the playgroup building is well maintained and a safe and secure building for young children to learn and have fun in. They are very interested in the day to day running of the playgroup and they are invited to the voluntary management committee meetings but they have no voting rights.

Our trustees currently live in Great Gransden or one of the surrounding villages. They are Ronnie Thornton, Diane Taylor and Vivienne Cottam. Ronnie and Vivienne both have an educational background with many years of experience between them. This naturally gives them an understanding of educational settings and the needs of young children. They are also on hand if the management team needs any help or advice. Diane has a legal background and was heavily involved in our very successful bid for lottery funding. She also worked at playgroup and was an organised and dynamic chairperson for a number of years.

The holding trustees all have the very best interest of the playgroup at heart and are pleased to be part of this thriving organisation.

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