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Statement of intent:

The safety of the children is of paramount importance. In order to ensure the safety of both children and adults, the pre-school will take the following measures:


Indoors and outside will be checked daily by a named member of staff for any hazards and a record of this will be kept.

The main doors will be locked during each session. When parents are due to collect children the main doors will be opened and the lobby doors will be locked and a member of staff will man the door.

The outside area is securely fenced and gates are locked and bolted.

When the lobby doors are opened a doorstop will be used. There are finger guards on all internal doors.

The playground doors will either be pinned back or closed. Staff are all aware they need to supervise use of these doors and children are taught not to try to use them.

The red room door will either have a door stop on it or be locked.

The layout of the building ensures that children and adults can move around freely and safely.

Fire Safety:

Our emergency fire evacuation procedure is approved by the fire safety officer and is:

Clearly displayed on the premises

Explained to new members of staff and volunteers

Practised regularly approximately every six weeks.

Also a record of fire drills and the servicing of safety equipment are kept.

Staff and children are familiar with the procedure in event of a fire.

The building conforms to all fire safety regulations.

The external doors are never obstructed.

Any leads/cables will be kept away from children’s reach.

The temperature of hot water in children’s sinks are controlled to prevent scalds.

All cleaning materials and medicines are kept away from the children.

  • The first aid boxes for children and adults are stored in a wall  cupboard in the kitchen.

  • The cleaning materials are stored in a cupboard in the kitchen [child lock] the top shelf in the toilets and the outdoor store.

The equipment offered to children will be developmentally appropriate.

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