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NEW Playgroup lending library!

For those who have been with us pre-covid you will know we used to allow the children to bor- row a book to take home to foster a love of reading. Covid stopped this for a while - but now we have decided to re-start but slightly different.

We will have a selection of books outside under the veranda for you to choose one to borrow, write on the signing out sheet - pop in a plastic book bag and take home to enjoy together. Once you have finished - just return the book, cross it off the list and swap for another. That’s it. Simple.

This way you can change the book as often as you like, we ask that you do not keep them long- er than 2 weeks to allow others to swap. And to replace any lost or damaged books. We will then change the books on a termly basis.

We hope you enjoy reading our books a home as much as we do here.


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