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Lunch Box Revision

The revised EYFS has now put a big focus on Healthy lifestyles alongside the other areas this includes healthy lunches and snacks, physical activity and looking after your children's teeth, a while ago we made our snack times healthier by introducing healthy options - rice cakes, crack- ers, crumpets, breadsticks alongside fruit, cheese and vegetables [for example pepper, cucum- ber, cherry tomatoes] and by limiting the sweet treats [biscuits & cakes now happen for special occasions - birthday celebrations etc only]

We have been receiving a lot of information about healthy packed lunches as so thought now would be a good time to share what we have received. There are some great ideas out there if you are seeking inspiration. We know lunches can be tricky sometimes but check these out.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to remind parents that we have NO NUTS in playgroup - this is to avoid any reactions due to Allergic reactions.

Please also refrain from putting squeezy yogurts in their lunch as learning to use a spoon is much more beneficial and hygienic, Most children of preschool age are unable to open them without help [or they put them in their mouths to bite them open only to hand to us as this didn't work - requiring us to leave the table while we wash our hands]

There are several items deemed a choking risk for children - for example anything round is a choking hazard - cocktail sausages, cherry tomatoes ,whole grapes and large blueberries so please ensure you cut them up into quarters. No popcorn. Items like cheese, cucumber, peppers are cut into thin batons or thing slices. Weaning | Start for Life (

We also ask that you do not send in sweets or chocolate for packed lunches - alternatives for a treat can be a mini homemade cake, flapjack or see the links above for more ideas.


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