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Annual Trike Ride week: 16th - 20th May

This is one of our main annual Fundraising event at Playgroup.

For this with we ask the children to take part by pedaling, scooting, being pulled in a trolley or walk around the track on the playground. Whilst our Parents, Carer’s gather sponsors from ex- tended family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours - we don’t mind who you ask!

Either per lap or as a set amount. Most children manage around 10 laps.

Once they have taken part we issue them with a certificate stating how many laps they completed ready for you to collect the sponsor money.

Sponsor forms will be sent home a week or two before.

As a registered charity we are also able to claim Gift Aid if you are a UK tax- payer and sign the forms [as they say in a popular supermarket every little helps]


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