Late Collection Policy
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Children can become distressed when their Parent/Carer is late collecting them, especially if they are the last child waiting to go home.
Between the morning and afternoon sessions, late collection of children can cause problems with the routine. At the end of the day it puts unreasonable pressure on staff who all have their own responsibilities outside of Playgroup.


Parents/Carers should always collect their child promptly. We do recognise that there are exceptional circumstances in which Parents are unavoidably detained. In this instance, you should communicate this to the Playgroup at the earliest possible time on 01767 677040.
If you think you are likely to be more than five minutes late, you should arrange for someone else to collect your child, if possible.
If a Parent or Carer is more than five minutes late collecting a child, this will be logged as a late collection [under child protection], a late collection form will be completed, and MUST be signed by the parent or authorised person upon collection detailing reason and time of collection. The Parent will be charged a fee of £20 after 5 minutes
past the usual collection time.
In exceptional circumstances consideration will be given at the Manager’s discretion.
In the event that a child is not collected after 30 minutes, with no communication from the Parent/Carer to Playgroup, the uncollected child procedure will be implemented, where we will contact Cambridgeshire Children Social Care for support.
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